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Drivingcamp Hungary - Invitation to a technical training - Draft agenda Last week we have visited Drivingcamp Ltd. Drivingcamp Hungary in Zsámbék is the most modern traffic safety and driving technique centre in both Hungary and all over Az útszerelő látási követelményei.

The knowledge provided by their trainings helps professional drivers to gain more practical knowledge and experience on the field of carriage in tanks and in the near future for cargo securing as well.

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The training courses provide all drivers the possibility to learn and practice daily situations- e. As the final event of the consultation we are invited for a professional presentation on 25th November Through carriage safety all of us is affected but in the first round we would like to ask application from colleagues who work for companies with a core-competence in carriage in tanks or in packagings, or often train professional drivers.

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Further information will be available soon on our homepage. Draft agenda: Double Drive training is possible with 2 persons by car, driving in shifts. Participants need to use their own cars.

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The discount is only available for those who fill in the attached form till Please, send the form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The host of the workshop is the company Fosfa in Breclav. The detailed program is attached for information. András Halász from Dunajska Streda Slovakia is deputed to take part on the program.

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This invitation from ABPZ builds the professional connections between our associations and supports directly the safety of dangerous goods delivery, therefore it is highly appreciated. With regards:.

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